AFG Flame Guard USA and Fox Valley Fire & Safety: Perfect Together

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Fire ExtinguisherThe folks at AFG Flame Guard USA have named us the exclusive Illinois distributor for their line of advanced fire protection and suppression systems. We think it should be a beneficial relationship for all concerned, especially for our customers.

NOFIQ Fire Protection System

NOFIQ Fire Protection System

We’ve added Flame Guard’s NOFIQ Fire Protection System to our line of fire-safety products. Compact NOFIQ units combine an extinguishing agent generator with an innovative dual-detection system that warns of fire or carbon monoxide, particularly in switch or server cabinets. Through quick detection, alarming, and extinguishing of a starting fire in compartments with electrical components, the damage will be minimal or non-existent. Plus, all NOFIQ systems are “tailor-made” to suit your individual situations.

Check out these videos to learn more about Flame Guard’s industry-leading NOFIQ detectors and extinguishers.

DSPA Fire Suppression Unit

DSPA Fire Suppression Unit

We’re also really excited about adding Flame Guard’s DSPA aerosol fire suppression and extinguishing systems. DSPA stands for dry sprinkler powder aerosol, which is a technological leap ahead of traditional Halon (or halomethane) fire extinguishing technology, in that halomethane has environmental consequences (such as ozone depletion) that have caused the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to deprecate its use.  The EPA notes: “DSPA generator contains no Class I or Class II ODS [ozone-depleting substances], nor any compounds with measured global warming potential (GWP). The comparative atmospheric impact to Halon 1301, HCFC Blend A (NAF S III®), HFC-227ea, and HFC-125 is much lower.”

According to Flame Guard, DSPA generators are started, either electronically or manually, via a thermal reaction, which will transform the solid potassium-based compound encased in the generator into an aerosol. Upon being transformed from a solid compound, the product is ejected from the generator as a potassium-based aerosol in a nitrogen carrier gas. This aerosol is six to ten times more effective than the Halon it was manufactured to replace.

DSPA Aerosol is available in fixed (total flooding application) and in mobile (streaming application) implementations for use on Class A, B, C, and K fires. The most popular implementation is DSPA 5. Check out this video for a dramatic account of a DSPA 5 unit being deployed in a real emergency in the town of Oregon, Illinois.

We’re proud to be the official partner of Flame Guard in the great state of Illinois. Please contact us with your inquiries regarding Flame Guard’s line of state-of the-art firefighting products today.



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