NOTIFIER ACM-30 Annunciator

The NOTIFIER ACM-30 annunciator provides the N16 FACP (fire alarm control panel) or NCD (Network Control Display) with remote, serially-connected annunciators. Arrays of LEDs indicate, at a remote location, the status of addressable points within the system.

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NOTIFIER ACM-30 Annunciator Closeup

NOTIFIER ACM-30 Annunciator Closeup

The NOTIFIER ACM-30 annunciator provides the N16 FACP (fire alarm control panel) or NCD (Network Control Display) with remote, serially-connected annunciators. Arrays of LEDs indicate, at a remote location, the status of addressable points within the system. The ACM-30 annunciators are designed to serve as full function annunciators that can both receive status information as well as transmit commands to the control panel. This allows the annunciator to remotely execute functions of the control panel in addition to displaying the status of the system.

Common system functions such as signal silence, system reset, and local annunciation controls (local acknowledge and lamp test) are controlled through touchpoints on the annunciator’s keypad.

Each button on the ACM-30 can be programmed to either cooperate with its coordinating LEDs or to operate independently. All buttons and LEDs are customizable. There is no fixed system function on the ACM-30. Using Independent control, a single ACM-30 could have 60 point indicators.

Communication between the FACP or NCD and these annunciators is accomplished over a power-limited, two-wire serial interface called the AIO Bus and can be connected to both the main and local bus. Power for the ACM-30 is provided via a separate power-limited power loop from the control panel which is inherently supervised by these annunciators (loss of power results in an annunciator communication failure at the control panel).

The N16 FACP supports a maximum of 40 annunciators. Up to 10 ACM-30 annunciators can be configured as routers with each router supporting up to15 ACM-30 peripheral annunciators.

The capacitive touch keypad of the ACM-30 has 30 buttons, each with two LEDs. The LEDs can be programmed for red, green, yellow, white, amber, blue, cyan or purple. The keypad has a system trouble LED, an On-line/Power LED, and a local piezo sounder with a silence/acknowledge switch for audible indication of alarm and trouble conditions at each annunciator.

NOTIFIER ACM-30 Annunciator FeaturesNOTIFIER ACM-30 Annunciator

  • Speaker control mode for use with the DVC and the N16 Series FACP. Enables the ACM-30 to control operation of groups of multi-channels mapped to groups of multi-speakers
  • Color-programmable LEDs
  • Onboard end-of-line resistors can be enabled/disabled by setting a switch
  • Alarm/Circuit On and Trouble LED per-point option or more dense Alarm-only option.
  • Touch-pad control switch option for remote control of system relays; or silence, reset, and evacuate
  • LEDs may be programmed to display status of indicating circuits or control relays as well as system status conditions
  • Programmable for Independent Mode (each touchpoint and LED can be programmed for different points) or Cooperate Mode (both LEDs perform indication for the point mapped to the touchpoint) of Operation
  • System Trouble LED indicator
  • On-Line/Power LED indicator
  • Alarm and trouble resound with flash of new conditions
  • Local sounder for both alarm and trouble conditions with silence/ acknowledge button (program options)
  • May be powered by 24VDC from the panel or by remote power supplies
  • Microprocessor-controlled electronics, fully supervised
  • Slip-in custom labels, lettered with standard typewriter or using VeriFire® Tools
  • Plug-in terminal blocks for ease of installation and service

Panel Compatibility

  • N16 Series
  • NCD


The NOTIFIER ACM-30 annunciator provides the N16 system with up to 40 remote serially connected annunciators, each with a capacity of 62 points, for a total capacity of 2480 points.
Local or remote power supplies and serial communications allow the ACM-30 to be located virtually anywhere in the protected premises.

System alarm and/or trouble conditions may be annunciated on a per-point basis, or in a grouped or zone configuration. Control of system operational controls, such as Signal Silence, System Reset, and local annunciation controls (such as Local Acknowledge and Lamp Test) may be accomplished through the module’s capacitive touch buttons. Every button and LED on the ACM-30 is completely configurable with VeriFire Tools.

Temperature and humidity ranges: This system meets NFPA requirements for operation at 0°C to 49°C (32°F to 120°F); and at a relative humidity (non-condensing) of 85% at 30°C (86°F) per NFPA, and 93% ± 2% at 32°C ± 2°C (89.6°F ± 1.1°F) per ULC. However, the useful life of the system’s standby batteries and the electronic components may be adversely affected by extreme temperature ranges and humidity. Therefore, it is recommended that this system and all peripherals be installed in an environment with a nominal room temperature of 15°C to 27°C (60°F to 80°F).