NOTIFIER ONYX FirstVision Graphic Information for Emergency Responders

ONYX FirstVision™ is a revolutionary wayfinding navigational tool for firefighters and other emergency responders. ONYX FirstVision™, a touch screen, graphically displays critical information on the origin and spread of a fire; allowing firefighters to quickly locate and extinguish the fire.

FirstVision Interactive Firefighters Display Data Sheet
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ONYX FirstVision Points the Way
In an emergency, the only thing more important than speed is reliable information. With ONYX FirstVision, a first responder or incident commander goes directly to the system’s interactive touch screen to quickly assess critical information, such as the origin of a fire, how fast and in which direction it is spreading, and the access or exit routes that are affected. Armed with this knowledge, firefighters and other emergency personnel can quickly develop and execute a safer, more effective response that can potentially reduce the loss of property and life.

Get the Whole Picture, Quickly and Accurately
Current annunciators only display information from the fire alarm control panel, usually no more than which devices are in alarm. On its 22” LCD, wall mounted touch screen, ONYX FirstVision displays entire floor plans with the location of all active alarm system devices, potential hazards, additional access and egress routes, as well as standpipe, stairway and emergency shutoff locations throughout the building. Anything that might help or hinder an emergency responder is clearly indicated.

See the Whole Campus or a Single Detector
Using ONYX FirstVision, emergency responders quickly identify any and all areas of concern within an individual building or multiple buildings throughout a campus. With an entire campus in their view, incident commanders can direct arriving personnel and apparatus to strategic positions around the emergency. Then, with just a few touches of the screen, they can narrow their focus down to an individual building, floor, or room -even a single, activated smoke detector.
NOTIFIER ONYX FirstVision Configuration